Food, glorious food

Yesterday after a few stops in Denver I made it to Whole Foods in Boulder to work the aisles for food for Jagger. In the end I had about $300 worth of pretty healthy food to hold him over for another week or so. One of the biggest challenges of school with covid is getting him enough food to eat. Also important to get him the right food. The dining hall that is noted for the best food on campus is operating at about 20% of normal due to covid. Without food, kids don’t function well. So dad, that’s me, goes down every couple of weeks and stocks his dorm room with healthy food. He’s super appreciative and it’s always good to see him.

I guess cases at CU are going up and they’d like all kids to self quarantine in their dorm rooms for 2 weeks. Now I don’t know if you remember your college days but that’s not going to happen. Hence, they’ll probably get sent home sometime soon. At least that’s what Jag thinks.

The Nuggets won last night! This is a big freakin deal. We were down 3 games to 1 for the second time in the playoffs and we’re now the first team in history to come back and win both of those series. Doesn’t mean much to you if you’re not a basketball fan but it’s really cool and a welcome distraction.

Today I need to get dog food and more bird seed. Then I’ll do some work around here. Lori is in Frisco today so she needs to get moving. So do I. That’s it. Make it a great day. God Bless.

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