Tax Day, again

Ok, today is the day estimated taxes are due yet we’re still waiting over 3 years to have the estate settled. Like yesterday, I call bullshit. I’m just in general sick of the government and what’s going on in the Country as a whole this entire year. Can’t wait for 2021.

Today I’m in Boulder to see Jag. He has a sore chest we think from volleyball. Meanwhile Ty was home yesterday with a slight fever and will be home today as he needs to be fever free for 24 hours before going anywhere. We have him isolated upstairs. I’m fine except for a sore foot from working out. I also need to stop at Dave’s to review the rest of the coins and get Laura another check. Then it’s no more driving for the rest of the week.

We’ve had someone from Boulder look at the townhome three times! Hopefully they’ll make an offer. It will sell, we just need it to sell sooner rather than later. Once again, time to go. It’s in the 30’s up here! Nice. Hope you all are well, God Bless.

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