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I was late getting on the road as I dropped a glass container right when I was supposed to leave to pick up Lori. That took 15 minutes to clean up so I had to make up some time. I managed to get their on time, Lord knows how. We then headed to Whole Foods in Cherry Creek as they have the best fish in town before heading west. In Frisco we stopped at Target for a new vacuum before heading home.

Later in the day we headed out to look for a cheap coffee table for my office. We finally found one! Then we stopped at James’s as he smoked up some ribs and we had a bite to eat with him before going home at 7.

Today is Marty’s 50th birthday! Whoo hoo! We’re all going over for dinner at 4. We decided to have it catered by a guy James knows. He basically just does the cooking for the 5 of us and kids.

Lori is worried about her mom as she’s moving a little bit slower. Then again she had a big week with little to show for it. Hope she feels better today.

ADT, our alarm company, is on the way. They were supposed to be here Friday but had a few guys out sick. I think our tech left Denver at 6:30 so he should be getting close.

That’s it. Nice up here, about 75, perfect. Football is on but for some reason I’m not really into it. Maybe it’s all the athletes trying to tell me how I should act and feel. Also what’s with the black national anthem? Didn’t know there even was one. In fact, I don’t think there officially is but rather a song they’re now calling one. As Morgan Freeman said, stop this crap now. And he was talking to black people. All that’s happening is things are getting worse. Apparently every white person is a racist (I call bullshit) and we all owe all black people something for slavery 150 years ago. Meanwhile black and some white people are destroying black businesses and killing black cops. 13 black people have been killed by police while 133 police have been killed by protestors or whatever you call them. Things are fucked up and by the way, Biden and the Democrats are supporting all this turmoil as they think it’ll hurt Trump. He of course is now trying to backtrack as the public isn’t putting up with it. By the way, he uses a teleprompter to answer ALL questions. And he wants to be President. If he wins, Kamala Harris who is a nightmare will become President. They (the Dems) think it’s ok to sacrifice a life or two of good people or burn and destroy countless businesses to get rid of Trump. Wow. Hope everyone sees through this bullshit. One college professor even said it’s ok to kill fascists’ which is anyone who supports Trump. A college professor? Are you kidding me? God help us.

God Bless.

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