Coming home!

It’s 6:04 am and in about 40 minutes I’ll leave for the airport in Denver to pick up Lori! It feels like she’s been gone for months! I managed to clean up and put a lot of stuff away. Today is trash day as it was delayed a day due to the holiday last Monday.

Yesterday I picked up my truck in Grand Junction as I had a cover put on the back and some night time driving lights and a bumper that was ordered months ago. James had some work done on his truck by these guys and turned me on to them. It looks nice but most importantly I can now really see well at night. Some of the lights are not street legal meaning they should only be used off road.

I then cleaned up as I said while Ty went skating for a few hours. I hung with James for an hour as we both needed a break from our day. He’s smoking some ribs and salmon today so I’ll stop and grab some.

Jag is doing well. I hoped he’d make it up this weekend but he’s busy with a project. Dogs are fine and so is Ty. Time to move so I can get on the road. Can’t wait to see Lori! I’m sure Dixie will miss her. God Bless.

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