Fall, coming soon….

You can feel it in the air, Fall. It’s that one day that comes each year. The inflection point when you can feel a slight chill in the air. Soon we’ll be bird hunting, then we’re off to Idaho for elk. After that Halloween will be upon us in a wink and then Thanksgiving and Christmas with a bunch of birthdays sprinkled in. My favorite season by far.

Ty’s first official day of school starts at 8:20 this morning. I was in Boulder yesterday dropping Jag some things and a a few hundred dollars worth of food I picked up upon my arrival. He can eat which is good. he’s working hard and a lot. This weekend he has friends coming down from Vail to visit. Most of his friends schools are closed. I was down and up by about 3.

Here’s a picture of Jag’s dorm room, notice the open book! Small rooms but at least he has a room of his own with a shared shower and toilet. He also has a view of the courtyard. I took him his space heater (bottom left) as the air conditioning runs throughout the building. Robi, you’ll notice my 30 year old prized poster of Mick!

Our freezer is halfway full of beef and waiting for elk hopefully in a month. Lori and I continued to go through boxes from storage. The photo’s are priceless. I’ll be sharing some in the coming weeks after we get a bit more organized.

We’ll meet with Chris our stone guy this morning to hopefully get our bbq going. It’s brutal not having a bbq. I also have a management call from about 9:30 until 11. Then we’ll go get Lori’s desk in Frisco.

The smoke is almost nonexistent up here. I was at James’s house last night for our weekly get together with a few other buddies. One guy we know pretty well was there, Travis, and we were both surprised to see each other as I didn’t know he knew James. Ty and his son are in the same grade and he grew up in Appleton Wisconsin about 40 minutes from Shawano, Mom’s home town. We’ve always had that Green Bay Packer connection. Good to reconnect with him.

I’d like to get some more out of storage today but we need to put some more stuff away first.

That is it for the day. Do something for yourself today, you deserve it, God Bless.

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