Here we go!

It’s a big week, for work for both of us, and in Minturn and for Eagle. I managed to get the entire garage cleaned out yesterday and today Ty’s room is set in my sights. I have a big week at work as I need to get in about $500K worth of orders and we should find out today if Lori has a new job. Keep your fingers crossed on both. Lori and Jag spent the night in Eagle and Ty and I stayed with the dogs in Minturn. I’d like to make a run down before my conference call at 9 but we’ll see. Today the freezer and a gun safe need to get moved. We have a punch list a mile long of things that need to be fixed. Most all are small cosmetic things. Tomorrow I hope to have Jag’s room cleaned out and then it’ll be downhill from there. My back is a little sore.

Ali asked for house pictures and most are on Lori’s phone but she can’t figure out how to save them and send as a text or email which is what I need to post. Here’s one though I took leaving Saturday night.

Can’t wait to have any of you come and visit but we need to get a few more things set up first. We are taking reservations!

Deaths are going down in multiple States thank God. Five separate shootings in Denver Saturday night. Defund the police right? Did you see the black woman in New York pour paint all over the Black Lives Matter mural saying Re-fund the Police and screaming BLM is a joke? In Eagle two idiotic kids painted BLM and drew an Antifa cross on the golf course shack down below our neighborhood. Thanks social media for that one. Lori called later in the day and said the police had two kids out there making them wash it off. When I drove by a few hours later there were about 10 people, adults and kids, repainting the shack.

I saw this yesterday, funny. Being serious though, I get the face mask thing. I don’t agree that it can be legally mandated but we wear them. The best thing would be limiting all the travel from State to State. Now across the Country people are wearing mesh face masks in protest which fulfill the requirement to wear one but don’t do much else. Oh well.

Have a great day, GB!

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