A couple of firsts

Last night we had our first dinner at the house and the house had it first overnight visitors, Jag and Ty. They decided to stay the night in their new rooms while Lori and I headed home to take care of the dogs. We have a bunch to do and need to be sure we’re not taking anything down we don’t absolutely need as we’re already running out of space in the garage. We also need to send over our punch list today so they can get working on it tomorrow. We put out a small bird feeder yesterday and we have a new resident chipmunk that is so small he or she could sit in the palm of your hand. The feeder is sort of a tray that hangs off a shepherds hook so it’s easy to jump up on. Two nights ago we had a big bear outside so we all (us and our neighbors) put our trash cans in our garages last night. I have him on video is anyone wants me to text them.

We’re going to take off early this morning with a load as we have a bunch to do today. I need to get the boys rooms and as much of the house cleaned out as fast as I can as my neighbor who is fixing a bunch of stuff leaves July 30th for a month.

That’s it, time to go, be well, be safe and God Bless.

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