Yesterday Lori was tested again at 1:45 for the virus. With no test results from over 2 weeks ago they authorized her to come down again. It was the drive up testing station again. Hopefully by Tuesday we’ll know the outcome. Tom texted it kind of doesn’t matter now which it doesn’t, unless she’s still positive! If by chance she is, I’m pretty much immune as I would have caught it for sure by now living with a walking talking virus for two weeks, ha.

The Eagles concert is now rescheduled for September 19th, whoo hoo. Guess I lost the money on my parking pass. Maybe I’ll drive to Denver and park in my spot in my reserved lot today just because we have a parking pass. In another time we would have been rockin out tonight to a Peaceful Easy Feeling!

The boys are doing well. Jag and I played chess last night and I thought he had me beat but he got excited on a move and I ended up barely beating him. We’ll play some more today. I turned in the videos of Ty snowboarding so we’ll see how that goes. I’m just not very happy with our high school for what we pay.

Lori and I are going to the gym. We’ll be the only ones there. It’s icy up here but not a lot of snow. The big warm up is on the way, thankfully. Guess I’ll go. Hope everyone is well and social distancing. That’s what it’s going to take, stay the hell away from everyone and we’ll kick this thing. God Bless.

Here’s Ty on his home made jump he and his friend made on Meadow Mountain. By the way, that’s higher than it looks as Ty is about 6’2″ now!

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  1. Robi says:

    WOW! That’s awesome Ty!

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