Not feeling well

We’re all fine, it’s Harley who has an upset tummy. I think she picked something up at doggie daycare yesterday. We’re making her rice for breakfast this morning.

Yesterday we went down to the house to see the fireplaces. They look great. We’re on the fence about using the design firm in Frisco as we might be able to get the same discount from our friend. It all comes down to money, it always comes down to money, right?

Today I’m in Denver picking up some supplies and dry cleaning. It’s sort of like going to town as ranchers did 100 years ago in their wagon to pick up a month or two’s worth of supplies. I have a plan that I’ve been following for a good month now getting a few things here and there focusing on things that are going fast or that will go really fast should things get worse. Of course I had this plan on standby for years in case something like this happened. Bulk food is near the end of the list. Now we’re not going crazy but are getting things like cleaning supplies, some meds and supplements and things that take a little more time to find. We’re also making sure we’re healthy and keeping up on regular check ups with people like the dentist as well. Anyhow to each their own. For any family, if things get really bad, and you can get here, we can take you in, just don’t bring any friends! Just as an fyi, things are not slowing down with Japan and South Korea now approaching full pandemic stage. Our own government’s health officials have said it’s pretty much unstoppable here, and for that matter, everywhere too. There is a breakthrough on 3D mapping of the virus from researchers and the University of Texas in Austin but we’re probably 18 to 24 months at best away from a vaccine, but this is a big step forward. The point is this thing is here to stay like the flu, with little to no protection for the next 2 years minimum. This is not something that will quietly go away in a month or two, let’s be clear about that. So time to set your priorities. Once again, better to have things and not need them to not have them and need them.

Moving on, Madi is in Denver for some performance this weekend. Jag is riding down with her parents to watch the performance on Saturday. Ty went to bed early as he was tired (as he always is) after staying at Sonny’s. He’s studying for his drivers test so he can get his learners permit. Break is winding down and they’re back to school Monday.

No snow last night, yea! Should be in the 40’s or 50’s today which will help with more melting. That’s it, time to get moving, be safe and God Bless.

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