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Yesterday we made a few more changes mainly to furniture but we also tweaked a few light fixtures. We did meet with a design firm that runs about $100 a hour but we do get 30% off all furniture we buy from anyone through them. This alone makes it worth it as includes everything from beds to couches, tables, chairs, bar stools and more. I figured it out and even if we use them for let’s say 20 hours, we’d still save over $9000 from paying retail. Plus we like them and they’re local so if we need anything serviced, there’s that too.

At 7 we went to dinner with Jag and Madi and her parents. They’ve been in the valley since the mid 90’s meaning they know just about everybody. They’re super nice and fun (they both hunt!) and said what a great influence Jag is on Madi. That was nice to hear.

I think I’ll run down to Denver today for a couple errands. I have my check up appointment from my hernia at 9 and can then head down. I should be back by 2 which is about when Lori will be done with work.

Time to continue buying a little extra food each day. This really isn’t much of a prep because I only buy things (food) we use on a regular basis. Another quick tip, keep your gas tank always at least half full. By the way, gas is cheap now, that’s sure nice.

Well that’s about it, time to get going. Ty spent the night at Sonny’s and Jag at Madi’s so it’s just Lori and I and the two dogs. Have a great day and God Bless.

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