More snow?

It’s been a epic year for the resorts. For most of us living here though, it’s getting a little old. I’m ok with it but am ready for Spring. I thought that groundhog said an early Spring is on the way. Hope he was right.

Lori and I were at the house for a bit and are using our neighbor who is a designer for 5 hours to get some help with a few tough choices. When I say our neighbor, I mean our neighbor to be as she lives about 2 blocks from the house. She gave us a few good ideas or caught a few things we missed which makes it worth the $1250 she cost for 5 hours. Plus we get her designer discount on any furniture we buy through her. Lori pretty much has everything else done though and has done a great job. She could quit her job and be a designer if she wanted to!

Ty spent the night at Will’s with Sonny as he’s our non-stop play kid. Jag had a mono test which thankfully came back negative. He made some pasta carbonera and some great kind of cheese cake last night. Jag will go get Ty some time this morning as Lori and I are off to Denver around 8 am.

Don’t get me started on the virus. It’s picking up steam and there are 2000 or so new reported cases each day in China which I still say is about 10 times under reported. Wall Street has noticed too as they and a lot of large companies are cutting their annual forecasts of growth. Lots of companies are also cancelling conventions and annual meetings that bring large numbers of people together. It will expand here so do yourself a favor and get prepared. We can’t do much for any of you unless you live across the street, which none of you do. It’s getting to the point where you need to consider avoiding large crowds and start assuming everyone out there is sick. That’s it, each of us has to decide on our own how serious of a threat this is. Once again I would caution you to watch what the government does, not what they say. This will give you the best information. Time to go, may God Bless and watch over you!

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