Lori and I just woke up although I actually woke up at 3:51 and was awake until 5:30 or so. Lori is going to take my workout at 8:30 while I have a conference call and then I think we’re off to Denver. Jag went to Madi’s for dinner and stayed in their guest room. She made the sweetest Valentine’s Day card for him with pictures and sayings and stuff all in a fold up cool kind of homemade box thing. I think we’ll go to dinner with them and meet her parents this week sometime. Ty made it home at 9 from a long day on the mountain and then of course hanging with friends.

Lori is changing up the tile in Ty’s bathroom and we’re trying to decide on furniture. I’ve never had a bed with a headboard and I think we’re going to see if our cabinet maker Dave can make us one out of walnut. We think he can do it much cheaper than if we have to buy one.

We received an email from the teacher on Jag’s trip apologizing again and saying how impressive the kids were. I am still not happy at all. Lori technically took the week off when we thought we were going to look at colleges. Now though she’s working most of the days.

The snow is winding down, finally. I think the next 10 days look pretty good with warmer temperatures coming our way. This is great news as it’s been a snowy month.

Time to go, we’re very proud of both you boys (when you read this someday) as you’re both kind, caring, considerate and strong young men. Again, we must be good parents, and aunts and uncles, and grandma’s and grandpa’s to have had you turn out so well! God Bless.

P.s., here’s Ty freestyling off a homemade jump on the mountain behind us.

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