Hut trip

This morning Ty is heading out on a hut trip. He’ll hike 4 or 5 miles in with his snowboard strapped to his backpack, spend the night at the hut at about 13,000 feet and then snowboard down from the top of the Continental Divide tomorrow. He’s excited as he does it every year and has a blast. Jag opted out as do most seniors.

I managed to make Lori stay low from about 7pm until 6am this morning. She did work a bit yesterday and is going in this morning again. I had a great meeting yesterday and then headed back up the hill. Both boys had a long day yesterday with basketball and their first day back at school. I dropped by a wrote a check to school for tuition.

Today Lori and I are meeting the cabinet guy at 1. I need to get Ty and all his gear to school by 7:30. It’s 6:30 now so time to get moving. Oh, Iran fired a few missiles at us in the Middle East yesterday, yawn. If we want we could pretty much end things really quick. They say they’re retaliating because we took out the number two bad guy when in fact it’s us that are retaliating against them and in particular that bad guy for killing over 600 Americans over the years. Here’s the kicker, no one, and I mean no one in the entire World is condemning the attack except our democratic politicians and some Hollywood actors. Not a single country, even China and Russia have spoke up, but leave it to Pelosi and Schumer and various so called celebrities to side with the terrorists. Oh yea, don’t forget the presidential candidates as they too are quite upset. Maybe they should move to Iran and run for office over there. Trump could be saving disabled children and the Dems would be against it, wow. Oh well, guess it’s the times we live in.

Have a great day and God Bless.

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