Chicken, eggs and veggies

That’s my diet for the next 5 days, nothing but chicken, eggs and vegetables. Time to lean out before the stretch run between now and the end of the year. Robi put her tree up! Nice. It’s Mom’s old tree so that makes it special. We’ll go cut ours Saturday. Jag has a photo shoot Sunday, a basketball game Friday and I leave Monday for 56 hours. We have a ton of stuff going on. Jag had a scrimmage last night and was the high scorer. He has a nice soft touch around the basket and great court awareness. He didn’t play last year due to his hand surgery so we hadn’t seen him since he was a sophomore. The team needs to work on getting the ball to him as that’s the biggest challenge. He’ll have a good year the way he’s playing.

Lori is off today and I have a tasting from 1 to 3. I skipped Aspen yesterday as I had too much work to try to get done before I leave next week. Not much else going on to talk about, time to get Ty moving. Have a great day and God Bless.

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