Blah blah blah

Today we have blah and then more blah and this afternoon some more blah and blah before blah blah blah this evening. Get it? Is that how your day seems? Are you on an endless treadmill of daily tasks that seem the same? Most of us probably are. Sure there are certain things we do each and every day like shower, feed our dogs, make our beds unless you’re a teenager, but what are you doing with the rest of your time.

Anyone read a good book lately? How about a vacation, anyone go anywhere lately? I know Robi and Robert went to Vegas for Lady Gaga, great job! How about trying something new that’s out of your comfort zone, ever think of learning a new language, or learning to play a new instrument? Sometimes we get in that funk where we think, there has to be more. Well let’s all do something. I’m open to suggestions. Maybe we should all take a trip together. It could be as simple as Yellowstone or new York or we could all go to Fiji or Thailand. Anyone got the guts? I’m sure we can all come up with reasons why not to go but let’s try to find some reasons TO go! Let’s see what we can come up with.

Today we’re making a trip to Denver for Jag’s final fitting for the Denver Fashion Show later this month. I was going to go but maybe just Jag and Lori will go. Ty went to a party last night. We’re so proud of him as just about every kid is drinking or smoking pot but not Ty or Jag. They’re at that age where everyone is experimenting. Whatever you say about our boys, they aren’t getting drunk or stoned and falling into walls. In fact Ty had Mom drive home a little girl who was drunk! Jag turned in three college applications yesterday and has CU to get in by the 15th. There’s still snow on the ground but it’s slowly melting. Lori and I are going to the gym but I’m taking it easy as my right knee is a bit swollen as I overused it a bit. So much of what I’m doing is related to balance and my core that I’m doing a lot of leg exercises. I’ve also stepped up the amount of weight I’m lifting which is putting more stress on my joints.

Ty has to study for a test Monday and both boys have theater practice tomorrow from noon until 4. I think Lori and I are going to the game unless we decide to give the tickets away. Our season is lost and our QB is done for the year. Hopefully we don’t screw things up and start winning so we get a high draft pick!

That’s it, time to learn Russian, start playing the dulcimer and planning our trip to the dark side of the moon! God Bless.

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