November 1st

Here it is, turkey month, Tom will be getting his tree out and probably up by the weekend. Lot’s going on.

Here’s a comment from Robi from yesterday,

Robi says: October 31, 2019 at 4:33 pm

Yep there was a poll to see if Halloween should be scheduled for the last Saturday in the month! Are you kidding, I’m with you Doug, I remember mom dressing us up and setting us loose trudging thru the snow out till 11:00 on a school night – oh my!

So true, now how about this one? Ty dressed up as a cowboy yesterday and I took him one of my western gun belts around noon with a lasso for pictures. Outside the lunch room when I was giving it to him a kid who was probably 8 or 9 came up to us and said, “that references a gun, do you have a permit for that?”. Now I felt like saying get out of here you little shit, or something fun like wanna buy some weed but I just looked at him and said “yes I do”. He then so “oh” and walked away. What in the World are we doing to our kids? I told Tom and he said imagine things in 30 years, wow!

It’s still cold in the mornings but no more snow right now. Things are slowly melting. I made a few changes at the house like taking out a closet and adding one, moving the kitchen pantry, eliminating a window and adding a window. Tom our builder says things will be getting dried in meaning to roof is going on soon. It looks really cool, our views are spectacular.

Lori broke a tooth yesterday and has to go to the dentist today. Jag is staying home to finish his college applications. He asked if he could apply to Columbia in New York Early Decision meaning he’d be ;locked in if they accepted him to which we said no! That’s over $70K a year. Not sure who he thinks we are, ha. His teachers and the school directors are still talking about his conference which made its way through all the teachers as he was so profound and visionary. All his teachers could say after he spoke was “wow”. The Upper School Director found him yesterday and said she heard it was the conference of all conferences. He just said thank you.

Time to take Harley up the hill and warm up the car so I can drive Ty and Lori to work. Hope everyone is well, it’s crazy out there, watch your back and God Bless.

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