Home safe

After a precarious drive down the mountain (due to poor drivers in the snow) I made it to Denver in time for a little grocery shopping before picking Lori up at the airport. There was a bad accident on I-70, (of course) which had us at a standstill for a while. Then of course the other side of the freeway had to stop to too see what was going on. This bugs the shit out of my brother Tom and I, ha. Anyhow after picking up Lori I exited Pena Blvd. at 56th and took it all the way west to Quebec missing all the lookey loo’s going home. Finally we hit Vail, after some more bad weather, around 3:30 and I dropped Lori at the office. I went back to pick her up around 5:30. We did grab Ty on the way home as Jag went to his friends Andrea’s house to feed her boa constrictor.

Lori was super tired with a bad headache so not much else happened except getting her settled. Today we’re all back at it. Mojo hopefully comes home today although I’m in Denver tomorrow so I might leave him one more day.

Tomorrow is Robi’s birthday, she’s going to Lady Gaga in Vegas, have fun! That’s it, time to get moving as it’s 6:35. God Bless.

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