Still snowing

This little storm is like a mid-winter blast. Hope it’s not a precursor of what’s to come. The Farmer’s Almanac, which Mom swore by, says lots of snow this year. Lori arrives in Denver around 12:30 which should hopefully give me plenty of time to get down to get her.

We’re still watching Jag making sure he doesn’t have a concussion. Eric Strauch (one of Lori’s PA’s and a great friend) stopped by on his way back from the hospital last night just to give him a quick lookover. Ty went to see the Joker and said it was good but weird. Mojo wasn’t feeling well and he slept all day. Then he started having diarrhea so at 5 pm I ran him over to his home away from home (the vet) where they are getting him on some anti-biotics and taking care of him. With me gone all day I didn’t want to leave him here in the house.

I made the boys breakfast yesterday and they woofed it down. I cooked bacon in a fry pan instead of the microwave and it was really good cooked in it’s own fat. I even then cooked the eggs in the bacon grease, yummy. Reminded me of Mom or Grandma’s cooking.

As I said last week, Jag is through with soccer for the year. Halloween is 10 days away and soon it’ll be Thanksgiving. Tom texted he needs our Christmas list! What! Jag and I were talking and we can’t believe where this year, or really this decade has gone. Wow, life goes fast. I didn’t notice it when I was his age but he is. We had a good talk as he’s so smart for his age. He commented how so many kids are looking at college based on the name and not the school or what they want to do. We talked about CEO’s and other successful people who quit their high profile successful jobs later in life to become farmers or do something that has meaning. Pretty mature for him to recognize that it’s more important to have meaning in your life than just buying a name by paying to go to some college. He’s coming around, smart kid. Get’s that from me 🙂

Have a great day, God Bless. Here’s Miss Harley in the snow yesterday.

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  1. Robi says:

    Pretty puppy!

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