Hunter’s Moon

Did you see the moon last night? It was big and orange and one thing about living in the mountains is that you can really see it. They call it the Hunter’s Moon. Not sure why but I could guess. The Bronco’s won yesterday, whoo hoo. Now we have the Chiefs this Thursday night and Lori leaves early Friday. More great timing.

Lori’s conference was a huge success. She put this all together while doing her regular job and normally there are companies you hire to set up these sort of things. Lori wrapped up around 4:30 or 5 and Jag went and picked her up so I could watch the football game.

Tomorrow is tax day and the end of the Quarter at school. It’s a big day for the boys as they have some tests and things to turn in. They’re both doing very well in school so hopefully they wrap it up the same way.

Hope you all saw the article or post on Uncle C.B. It was sent out on the 12th which was the day he was killed. It’s eerie how much he looks like dad. I sure miss mom and dad. I know it’s cliché but what I’d give for one more day or even a few hours with both of them, just to talk. Oh well, they live on in our thoughts and spirit.

Did you see now some want to change Columbus Day to indigenous people day? I guess I’m old as I just don’t get people trying to change history, even if it’s bad. It’s part of who we are as a Country from slavery to any and everything that now people are offended by. Not saying you need to support things like slavery but trying to rewrite history doesn’t work. You can tear down all the statues you want and edit books and such but it doesn’t change a thing. What a fucking joke. Not sure when this all started but it does somehow coincide with all the problems we have which not coincidently all seem to have started when social media became the norm. Imagine life without the internet. Sure we’d miss some things like communicating via email and researching some things but not having faceless people and ideas driving our kids and peoples thoughts and ideology would be a good trade off. Maybe Jag can do a senior project on life without the internet.

That’s it, time to go. Have a great day, and for God Sakes people, think for yourself! God Bless.

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2 Responses to Hunter’s Moon

  1. Blondie says:

    It’s so weird that you said you would give just one day to have with your folks. I was thinking that very same thing the other day when we were talking to my uncle that I would love to go back in time when he and his family used to come and visit us,…these were the best times ever! Wish we had a time machine

  2. Doug Fugate says:

    You’re up early! I too wish we had a time machine to take us all back to when we were kids!

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