We drove down to the house last night and found a few things we want to change. So this morning, in about 50 minutes, Lori and I are off to meet Tom our builder to show him our changes. Nothing too big but there are a few things like closing up a window and door and adding a different door. Those are the big things.

I have a tasting with the distributor from about noon until 2. It goes until 4 but I can’t stay that long and have a girl pouring for me the rest of the time. Lori is working away on her conference which is a week from this weekend. The boys have lots of school work and this weekend have a few college fairs to go to.

It’s 6:22 now so time to get moving. The little bit of water left in the dog bowl was frozen this morning so I’d say last night was our first official freeze up here. Tomorrow I head out hunting, what fun. God Bless.

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