Fun times

Saturday was filled with food, friends and fun. From sunup to way past sundown (around midnight to be exact), we had fun. The day started off with us meeting Jeff and Tina after our morning workout. We met at Kemo Sabe where Jeff had his boots remeasured and bought a new pair and I ended up with a new Stetson since I don’t own a brown cowboy hat! Then it was off to lunch at a usually good spot where the food unfortunately disappointed. Then back to Kemo Sabe to pick up our loot before heading home for a few hours before going to Gerry and Marcie’s for dinner.

We arrived a few minutes after 6:30 and some people were there while a few others were arriving with us. There were about 12 of us and it was a blast. The food was really good as everyone brought a dish of something. Marcie made Tuscan ribs that were pork ribs with some kind of Italian sauce on them that were great. There was a corn and serrano pepper salad or dish that was really good too. Anyhow the whole evening was super fun where we spent time with some old friends and met some new people who are now new friends.

We made it home a little after midnight which is late for us and Jag was 20 minutes or so behind us. Ty was just going to sleep. This morning Lori is going to breakfast with Francesca and I’ll probably hit Costco. Then it’s football and cleaning for the rest of the day. That’s it people. Time for more coffee, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Glad you decided to give football another try! Was it the mom comment – hehe?

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