7:30! We slept in!

Wow, 7:30, that’s the latest we’ve slept in a long long time. Doesn’t seem that late but it’s better than 5:30. Jag made it home around 11 after scoring two goals in our 4 to 1 soccer win in Denver. Ty hung out at home with us and wants to race in his mountain bike race tomorrow as he thinks he’s all better but the doctors say no, no no.

Jeff and Tina are coming up today and we’re meeting them at Kemo Sabe around 11:30 as Jeff’s custom made Luchesse Boots he ordered at Aspen Food and Wine don’t fit. Surprise surprise. We’ll have lunch with them in the village somewhere before they head back to Denver. Tonight we have a bbq at our friends in Lake Creek.

Lori is taking the dogs up the hill before we go to the gym while I write the blog. I’m thinking of putting together a trip to Alaska next year for us. Lori wants to go to Bora Bora or someplace warm so we’ll see. Not sure though what a guy can hunt in Bora Bora.

Ok, it’s cold this morning, yea! It’s amazing how quick the colors change up here. It can literally happen in 24 hours as all it takes is one good cold night to get the trees going.

Yesterday was a climate change strike at I think all the schools across the Country. Looks like most all the kids joined in except ours, ha. That’s ok as they don’t go to school to protest, they go to learn. Time to get moving, have a great day, God Bless.

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