Yup, broken

We had Ty to the clinic by 7:45 and in x-ray about 10 minutes later. 15 minutes after that Dr. Provencher came in and examined Ty and confirmed a fracture of the distal clavicle which basically means a broken collarbone. He ordered up a CT Scan to get a closer look and determine whether or not Ty needed surgery. A few hours later he texted Lori that no surgery was needed, whew. So lots of PT and 8 weeks or so in a sling is the plan. He’s in pain but is only on Tylenol. We could have had some opioids but opted not to. Around 10 I dropped him at school and then was off to the grocery store.

Jag switched from AP Bio to Physiology and Anatomy yesterday as kids can drop and add classes until this week just like in college. We’re glad as he takes such a heavy load and he doesn’t need to. With Jag we want him to relax a bit and enjoy his senior year.

I went on a cleaning binge between work calls and am off to the distributor at about 6:30 this morning. I hope to be back before 11. Then more work and more cleaning. I had to open an electric account yesterday for the new house so things are moving along. Thursday I’ll be down valley and stop and see the progress. Time to go as it’s 6:06 and I want to be on the road in 20 minutes. If anyone wants to send Ty an email you can do so at fugatety@gmail.com. God Bless.

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