Broken collarbone?

The day started out as usual with all four of us running here and there. Lori and Jag were off to Denver for 8 hours of grueling auditions with 500 wanna be models and Ty and I headed to Steamboat for his race. Getting right to the good stuff, Ty had a great first lap at 37 minutes but then was late on the second. I waited and watched but after 5 more minutes I knew something was wrong. I then saw one of his coaches and found out he had crashed. They said he had a broken collarbone or something. It seemed like it took forever for the medical evac to get him down. They had to drive a 4 wheel car up the course and he said he walked a half a mile to the car. Apparently a kid was next to him and caught his handle bar and took him down. He went over the handle bars and then was dragged a bit by the other riders rear wheel. When he made it down he was smiling in the car which was good news. After having the paramedics check him out and talking to Lori, we decided to just take him home to Vail. As we were leaving Dr. Dorf (from Vail and one of our kids dad’s) came up to the truck and asked if I wanted him to look at him and I said “of course”. He said it’s probably a distal clavicle or AC joint and to get him home and wait until this morning for an x-ray to save $2,000 at ER. He offered to get Ty in first thing this morning but Lori had already called Dr. Provencher who will see him at 8. You might remember he was the New England Patriots and Tom Brady’s doctor so Ty will be in good hands. It could be a broken collarbone (worst case) and we should know more by 9 am this morning. So that’s it. Most of the team and coaches and parents showed up to wait with me for Ty when he was hurt. He has so many friends and is so universally loved as he’s such a good kid who is kind to everyone. People I didn’t know were offering help not only on the spot but all week at school too. There’s something to say for living in a small town as people pull together and help each other.

I knew he’d be ok when he said as soon as we got in the car, “dad, this sure is going to rope in the ladies”! I laughed so hard until I couldn’t anymore. Sure enough as soon as he posted his crash and situation on Instagram, 30 or 40 responses came in within a minute offering help and sympathy, mostly from the ladies!

Meanwhile Jag was selected to walk in Denver Fashion Week and some other event. We just found out the first one conflicts with Homecoming, super. Jag and Lori were home about 3 hours after us. Ty had a rough night which was to be expected and we need to get moving now to get him to the hospital in about an hour. More to come, God Bless and Go Broncos! Here’s a pic of Ty coming through his first lap!

I believe today is the two-year passing of Mom, we all miss her very much! Miss you Mom!

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  1. Robi says:

    OMG poor Ty! He even roped old Aunt Robin in – hehe! Can’t believe how big and cute he is! And yes sir, Jag is model material! Yup 2 years ago today we lost the most beautiful, kind, wonderful person I’ll ever know! I think about her always and had a special little talk with her last night. She always told me after Grandma died that there were so many things she wished she would have told her and asked her about. I know what she means! GO BRONCOS! I have on my shirt!

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