Getting close

This morning around 5 (meaning we woke up at 4!) Marty and I took separate trucks with 4 wheelers in tow over to the other side to hunt. Turns out Marty got a nice bull while again I couldn’t find one. We did call in a cow elk that came sprinting around 30 miles an hour a hill straight toward me. She stopped literally 5 feet away but still didn’t see me. I thought she was going to run me over and was ready to jump to the side if need be. Then she hung out 10 feet to the right of me looking for the bull elk she thought she heard, that was really us. That was it for the morning. I thought about shooting her as I knew Marty had a bull down and the cows are better meat anyhow but decided to pass. It was her lucky day.

Tonight I’ll be back at it while Marty tries for a bear. I’m going to pass on bear as it’s too greasy and I won’t eat it. I have no interest in killing anything I won’t eat. I miss Lori and the boys. Having the kid here who could be dead in 3 months makes you want to hug your kids. Life is short, don’t waste it. That’s it, have a good day, live life and God Bless.

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