Elk 5, Doug 0

Another early morning, another 5 or 6 mile hunt. No elk this morning but Mike, a former Air Force fighter pilot of 30 years from Wisconsin, did get a small 4X5 last night. I would have passed on it but he’s happy. Now to be fair, I have passed on 2 smaller bulls. J.D., the 21 year old kid with terminal brain cancer from Minnesota is having a blast. Hope he gets one. I built a blind over some water yesterday morning and even though I think it’ll produce a good bull, I told him he can go sit it tonight if he wants.

Lori and the boys are fine. Thanks much to my family for letting me go off the grid for 5 days. Marty and I went to Steamboat yesterday for supplies and are going fishing today. That’s about it, maybe I’ll get one tonight! God Bless and Happy Labor Day.

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