More driving

This morning at 9:30 Ty, Jack and I are headed to Denver to drop Jack and one more set of tickets for the show tomorrow night. Then we’ll speed back up as Jag gets home around 4. Tomorrow it’s back down to Denver and they say it’ll be raining, nice.

Aspen was nice and I was back by 1. Then I noticed water under the water heater, not good. I called as we had it replaced 6 months ago and a couple hours later two guys were here. Turned out to be a defective overflow tank which they replaced. I tipped each guy $20 and gave them a couple bottles of wine each as they were quick and good. Thank God that’s all it was.

The dogs are frisky and time to get the kids moving as Ty has Deb this morning. Have a great day, GB.

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  1. Robi says:

    What concert, is it the Stones?

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