Global warming?

The news just said last year by this date we had 15 days of 90 degrees or above yet this year the number is zero. Where have the 90’s gone? I was telling Lori the weather this year has been almost biblical. Nonstop rain in parts of the Country, swarms of earthquakes in California, tons of snow here and intense heat in the southeast and more. It’s not a normal weather pattern and in most parts of the World, not warmer than usual. Hmmm.

Yesterday I made it down and up by 2 pm. Today around 9 I’m off for Carbondale and Aspen. Tomorrow back in Denver and then back again Friday for the concert. We had a good rain storm last night and it was still going strong as of 4:30 am. Now they say sun until Friday night, of course.

Lori is off today, yea! I think we’re going to try to go see Dixie at the end of the month. She thinks it’s been 2 months since Lori was there but it was actually May 10th so only about 6 weeks. Jag is having a blast riding horses, mountain bikes and fly fishing in Steamboat. Ty and Jack meanwhile are doing the town.

I’m headed to the gym before I go to Aspen so that’s it. I called Tom and Robi yesterday to check in and both are doing well. Hope the rest of you are too, GB.

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