Aspen Pictures

Here’s the pictures from yesterday. First up some bbq from Chacon, then a pic from the Mine Party with Lori and I, Jody from Florida, Jeremy from New York (the no sock look, stylish) and Eric from Texas. Three great guys who work for me. Next up the beautiful sunset, Lori and I, a picture of Jody from the Mine with Bocelli wine and one of the party tents, and the stars above some ranch land, fun times.

We left Aspen around 10 and were in Basalt for lunch by 10:30. A few hours later we were home. Jack (Ty’s friend) is still with us until tomorrow and Jag leaves for a ranch in Steamboat today with Emma and her family until Thursday.

Lori and I of course are back to work. I’m in Denver tomorrow and back in Aspen Wednesday. The dogs come home today and we also have a A/C guy coming at 8 this morning so time to go. Hope all’s well. It’s a busy week with the Bocelli concert this Friday. Take care and God Bless.

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