Thank God Aspen Food and Wine is over today as I don’t know how much more ‘food” we could take. I don’t drink so I can only imagine how we’d feel if we had half the wine as we did food.

The day started off like another day in Aspen. I nice hike and a little sun before heading into town. Around noon we made it to town and found parking pretty quick. The farmers market is every Saturday so that added to the Food and Wine crowd. We made it to Clark’s, the seafood restaurant on time for a great meal. Afterwards I returned a money clip Lori and the boys had bought me as a Father’s Day present as it was too big. She decided to show me yesterday in case it didn’t work out. It’s the thought that counts anyhow. Then I stopped by to see these guys at Aspen Hatter. I have a few cowboy hats but am always on the look out for that special hat and had found these guys who have a shop in Austin and Aspen. I walked in and immediately hit it off with Ward, this sort of hippy kid hat maker. To be fair he was probably in his 30’s. Orlando Bloom from Pirates in the Caribbean was just leaving and Katy Perry was showing up in 10 minutes, ha. Anyhow Ward is making me this cool flat brim hat that’s a cross between cowboy hat and fedora sort of. They have this old Japanese loom from the 1800’s in the back to make hat bands and he also makes stuff out of things like deer sinew (guts). I’m thrilled I found these guys as I have a hard time finding hats that fit me right. In fact my best two cowboy hats were both custom made.

Then it was back to Snowmass to walk up the hill to Heritage Fire. This is an event they have in certain parts of the country that’s part of Chacon which is a national competition of guys that cook meat over open fires. The saying is meat, salt and fire. They had all these booths serving everything from goat to goose, duck, lamb, beef, octopus and more. The theme is they’d cook whole animals over open fires. The winner is chosen September 15th at the finals in Chicago. See pictures below.

After an hour and a bit, we headed back to our place to get ready for Wine and the Mine. We headed into town and parked and walked to the bus station where lots of people were waiting for the shuttles. Apparently they weren’t too smart as I recognized the black luxury vans across the street waiting for everyone and walked our group over. There were us four and the three amigos (my guys) in our group. The van took us up to Smugglers Mine where we passed through security and had wrist bands put on. Then you’re in the party. It was three levels of food and booze under tents with DJ’s and tons of people. I saw lots of people I knew including one guy who raved about me to Lori saying what a good guy I was and how I would always do anything to help anyone, awh. So after two hours a group of us headed down the hill to our awaiting limo to take us back to town.

We went to a new club in a place downstairs on Cooper Mall. It was set up like a New York or L.A. exclusive club with a restaurant and then a roped off disco like area with giant bottles of vodka sitting on each table. It was like a $2000 minimum for a table there but we knew the manager from the Four Seasons in Denver and secured a table. As the night went on, soon the DJ started and out came two scantly clad dancing girls like go go girls that danced on tables with the crowd. It was like something out of a movie where Russian mobsters would hang out. We don’t think it’ll last long in Aspen but you never know.

Now Jeff and especially Tina were falling over drunk. I hope Tina wakes up this morning! It was that bad. I told Lori we need to have an intervention and frankly I’m serious. I drove home hoping they wouldn’t throw up in our car and Tina passed out, clothed and all as soon as we walked in. Sure am glad I don’t drink anymore.

The kids had walked into Snowmass for dinner and had fun. Today we’ll go for our morning hike, pack up and head down valley. We’re stopping in Basalt at El Korita for Mexican food for Father’s Day lunch. It was a great trip and super productive work wise. We’ll for sure be back next year.

A quick Happy Father’s Day to all those dad’s no longer with us. My dad, Don, Bob, Jim and anyone I forgot. I saw a thing that said on Mother’s Day you always go out to dinner but on Father’s Day we’re expected to bbq, what’s up with that? God Bless. For some reason it won’t let me upload picture’s so I’ll try later!

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