On board

It’s 5:32 and we’re all on board settled into our First Class seats. We have about a 2 hour flight to San Francisco before heading to Kahalui. With the 737 Max grounding nationwide we’re now on a 777 Polaris with sleeper beds, whoo hoo.

We made it to Denver by 5:30 and headed to The Chop House for dinner. It was so so. For dessert we ordered a souffle as Emma had never had one. The look on her face with her first bite was priceless as you could tell she was trying to be polite but didn’t like it at all. Turns out is wasn’t cooked and was basically raw egg whites, too funny. Then we headed to the Marriott at the airport and we were in our rooms by 8.

3:30 came early but it was right time to get up as when we arrived at the airport, it was jam packed. Thankfully we have Clear that bypasses all the people or we might have missed our flight.

Emma, Jag and Ty so far are turning out to be a good traveling group. They all get along and have fun together. Jag is super happy with Emma being here with us and so is she. She’s a sweet girl and very polite. It should be a fun week.

Tomorrow I’m off to Seattle, ugh. Then back to Hawaii on Monday. More to come but we’re almost ready to take off so that’s it, GB.

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