We have some snow but the worst of it is over. We’ll leave this afternoon around 4 for our hotel in Denver but first have a lot to do. Lori and I had a college seminar last night at school that took up a good two hours we could have used on other things. It was a repeat of things we knew and lady who ran it is the worst public speaker there is making it painful. Oh well, today we all have a lot to do.

Ty has a cold, ugh, and Jag is getting ready. Both boys are packing for themselves. I’ll get Emma’s bags today from her Mom and also need to drop both dogs. I’m mostly packed but have the day to finish up my stuff. Lori and the boys need to be ready to go this morning.

It didn’t snow much after we made it home at 7:30 last night. Things should be fine when we leave later today. If we were leaving today or the storm was a day later, we would have had a tougher time.

Lots to do so that’s it. Hope all’s well, tomorrow am at 6 we have our flight so we’ll be up early tomorrow morning. God Bless.

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