What A Party

Oh those Chalker parties. I took the boys to the birthday party at the Apex Center yesterday. Oh my.  There were 42….yes 42 birthday participants. We first started in a private room stocked with sandwiches, fruits, veggies, chips, juice, organic soda, water…and of course a beautiful cake. There were balloons and goodie bags and children running and climbing on everything in the room including the furniture. I was going to drop the boys off, but after seeing all of the people I opted to stay.  After cake the kids went down to the ice rink for an hour and half of ice skating and then it was off to the rock wall for another hour and a half of climbing…again….oh my.   Needless to say our friends have put on yet another amazing, over the top birthday party. I can’t imagine what they will do for Mathew’s 8th birthday or for that matter the other two children’s upcoming birthdays. Our guys had a blast and they got to the rock wall 25 minutes before the other children so they enjoyed private climbing until the masses arrived.

Upon returning home the oldest headed down to Uncle T’s and Aunt B’s the youngest went to the neighbor’s (un-benounced to me he also wanted to go to Uncle T’s and Aunt B’s) while I went to LOL’s to clean her house for her. I have to finish this morning.  The boys wanted chinese food for dinner and I happily ordered delivery.

We all climbed into bed at about 8:45 and slept well until 6:00a.m. when the youngest wanted to go downstairs for breakfast.

The Mister gets home sometime around noon today and as of yet has had no success on the hunting front. Big game 3 hunters 0.  That is the kind of score I like to see. Don’t tell the Mister.

Maybe the boys and I will tackle the garage today, or maybe not.  I’ll see how we all are feeling.

Time to feed the munchkins….have a great day and…

God Bless


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