Good morning. It’s beautiful out…the air is crisp, the sun is just peaking over the horizon and the colors are amazing.

Both boys slept with me last night.  We first watched Pirates Of The Caribbean..On Stranger Tides. We liked it although the mermaids were a little scary. The youngest had a play date after school and upon returning home began playing with the neighbor boy until almost 9:00p.m. Good times!!

I put up a few more Halloween decorations and the Mister headed off for his hunting excursion. I made a big pot of chili for the cold nights on the mountain and he took along plenty of snacks. They are planning to return Sunday, however the guy driving said it would be Monday if they didn’t get an animal by Sunday.  We’ll see, I don’t think hunting trumps football yet.

The big dog wanted to sleep outside last night and of course some unsuspecting animal wandered in our yard, so I was out of bed and down the stairs at 3:28a.m. and had to bribe him with food to get him in the house.

The kiddos have an ice skating/rock climbing birthday party to go to today from 12-4:00…I’ll come home and clean…again…hopefully the boys will be worn out from the four hours of skating and climbing.  We’ll have another movie or game night and of course they will snuggle and sleep with me once again tonight. Someday they won’t want to, so I better cherish these times, because they are going by too fast.

The boys are restless and in need of food…..sorry for the short post.

God Bless,


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