Off Day

Ty has theater practice from 12 until 5 today but the rest of us are off until Lori and I head to dinner with Emma’s parents at 5:45. They’ve been wanting to take us out for a while and tonight’s the night. Ty went to Zoe’s soccer game at school yesterday afternoon and then they all went to a movie before Ty spent the night at his buddy Will’s house. We’ll get him this morning at 9 on our way home from the gym. Jag hung out all day with us as we cleaned a bit around the house.

It’s going to be a much warmer week, whoo hoo. Hopefully the snow is almost over. We didn’t have any yesterday even though they said we would. I can see blue sky outside right now.

Tom says Ali is doing well. Hope it works for her. Our neighbor’s Mom leaves on Wednesday to go back east from being here all winter which is good as she kind of bugs us. They had four freakin cars here for the last week or so and we just don’t have that many parking spots with all the snow. Then they’re going to put their unit up for sale next month. I guess Nancy is moving to Salt Lake for a job.

We bought Lori’s plane ticket to Sacramento yesterday. You don’t even want to know what it costs but let’s just say you could go to Hawaii or even Europe for less money. They really get you when you go to cities that aren’t major hubs. Lot’s going on the next few weeks.

That’s it, have a great Sunday and God Bless.

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    Happy Anniversary!

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