We made it to Breckenridge around 6:15 and man was it cold. We had every coat, hat and pair of gloves on that we had with us and Lori also had a down blanket. The boys on the field were freezing as you could see them bouncing around trying to stay warm. Some had bare legs with their shorts but our boys at least had tights on. About 5 minutes after we arrived Jag chased down the ball behind the net and after a few spin moves made an incredible behind the back goal. You would have thought we won an Olympic Gold Medal as the sidelines erupted with everyone running on to the field including the coaches who met Jag about halfway between the goal and the bench and simultaneously jumped in the air with him to celebrate. The entire team was congratulating him as well. It was our first goal of the game. Ty almost had one 30 minutes later but his celebration will have to wait until next week.

This weekend we’re off, thankfully. Next week we have games Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I found out yesterday that when we get to Hawaii I’ll need to leave for 48 hours for a quick trip to Seattle for a bbq. We have the CEO and a couple of other guys from Germany coming over that are important partners and I need to be there. So we’ll land Friday and I’ll fly out Saturday returning Monday morning. Not looking forward to it but it is what it is. I’ll fly First Class and it is only a 5 hour flight which isn’t too bad. Lori and the kids will hang out Saturday afternoon and Sunday by themselves.

We’re moving along on our house. The structural engineer is done and the builder and architect will meet this weekend to incorporate our final changes. Next week we should start getting permits and then break ground soon after. We can’t wait. We’re looking for a place to rent until December so we can get out of here and sell this place, more to come.

Ali had her injections yesterday and I guess all went well. Hopefully it works. We’ve been through our share of injections, probably a dozen or so procedures. Time to go to the gym, have a great day, GB.

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  1. Blondie says:

    It was more like a hammer and chisel pounding the needle in with cement….a little more than injections …..on the mend and feeling better each day!

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