Up early

I’m off to a meeting at 7 so Lori has to take Harley, get the boys moving, stop to get them both breakfast stuff for each of their classes and drop them for school. That rght there is a whole days worth of work. Tomorrow she’s off to California if the TSA goes to work. Lots of flights have been cancelled with TSA workers calling in sick because they didn’t get paid.

It’s warming up today with no snow which is nice. I hate it when the roads are messy. I’d rather have snow. Well the California people did it, enough of them moved here so that our State government is now blue. It’s not enough to screw up their own State, no they had to leave and come here to screw ours up too. We’ll see what happens.

It’s 6:15 and Lori is already out of the shower so I need to get moving. None of us can ever seem to get enough sleep. I told Lori that there needs to be two extra hours between 10pm and 6am. Maybe that’d help. Have a great day, GB.

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