Seems like Spring is on the way

Even though it’s January 8th and snow is on the ground, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Spring will be here in about 8 weeks. The seasons come and go pretty fast up here and for that matter, at our age, so do the years. School was good and so was work. I was literally on the phone from about 9 am until 3 pm. Today I’m off to the warehouse after a 6:30 am call with Luisa which should last about 30 minutes. Lori has clinic so lots going on.

I’m staying away from politics but don’t understand why the dems are so opposed to border security. Oh wait, even though they all voted for a wall years ago they’re now against it because of Trump. What a shit show in D.C. on both sides. How do you like the muslim congresswoman saying impeach the mother fucker? Nice. Get your shit together people. I say kick them all out.

Harley had fun at daycare. Her boyfriend Moose (the Hetfields dog) and her wait by the door for each other to show up and are inseprabale all day. They’ve been close friends since they were both puppies. Time to get moving, lots to do and my 6:30 call is only about 15 minutes away and I still need to shower. Have a great day, take care and may God Bless you.

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