Winding down

You’re getting close to the last day you can mail your packages or envelopes to have them arrive by Christmas! Make sure to get them out! It’s also the boys last day of Finals with each having one today.

Tonight we’re going for sushi with Emma and her family and then tomorrow Jag has surgery, and then Saturday we have our sleigh ride and cowboy chuck wagon dinner out at the ranch. I rented the whole sleigh and we’re taking our rock star family friends, (I try not to put James last name in the blog so it doesn’t pop up in random internet searches) Marty, Melanie and their son Max and letting each boy invite 2 friends. Emma and her Mom are going to San Francisco for the weekend so they’ll be gone. Oh they’re taking Jag to the Nuggets Warriors game courtside January 15th for his birthday! That should be fun!

The boys Finals start at noon but I’m off to Denver and Lori has clinic so they’re going early today. I was up again just about every hour or two with my sinus headache. The heat set at 72 didn’t help either.

I sent an email to my entire team yesterday telling them to put family first. Now this is sort of out of charachter for me as I’m the King of Revenue and always on top of them to get their orders in. But last night I was sitting around thinking how fast the holidays are going by and wanted to make sure that they know that even though they need to do their job (which is hard sometimes to get them to do!) that it’s important to enjoy the season with their family. Their job will still be here the day after Christmas but the moments they can share with their family won’t. I think when you lose some of your family, (like Mom) it puts things into a different perspective. I received a few emails back and could tell some of my people were surprised at my email. I always say, keep them off guard, ha.

Time for me to get moving, Pebbles looks particularly fetching this morning. In case you don’t know, that’s Lori as she puts her hair up at night and looks like Pebbles from the Flintstones! Have a great day, be safe, enjoy every moment and God Bless.

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