Happy Birthday Tommy

Today’s my little brothers birthday. If I’m doing my math right, he’s 58. He always jokes when I say little brother as he is taller than I am. Anyhow Happy Birthday Tom! I love this picture!

Yesterday both boys had two more finals. Today they both have Science and then one each tomorrow and then they’re done. Lori is off today and I’m chasing a million dollars or more in orders still. If everyone would just do what they’re supposed to do, we’d be ok. We did hire a new guy today to work the streets of New York. He should be a good addition.

I think I’ve kicked the cold that was coming on. Luckily I caught it early and, knock on wood, think I’ve turned it around. Can’t get sick this time of year, too much going on.

Not sure what Tom and Ali are doing today. It’s hard when your birthday is so close to Christmas. He’s six days before and I’m four after. Hard to have a party right before Christmas or between Christmas and New Years. Oh well Lori and I read that December babies are smarter, healthier, live longer, are morning people, less likely to contract major diseases and are more successful and better looking than those not born in December. Ok I threw in the better looking part but it seems to be true! Hope he has a great day.

Time to get moving. Lots to do. I started a big purge yesterday by going through my dresser and closet and throwing out 3 bags of clothes I don’t wear anymore. There was a bunch of single socks that I finally gave up on finding the match for too. Add in some trash from the bathroom drawers and that was a good day. Oh, I also wrapped about six presents for Lori! Can’t wait for her and the boys to open their presents. It’s much more fun to give than receive these days. Have a great day, take care, be safe, enjoy the holidays and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Happy Birthday little bro! That pic is priceless!

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