Morning practice, again

Today Jag has another morning practice. I was so tired I went to bed around 8 and I think slept until a little after 5. That’s a lot for me. I made it to Denver yesterday and stopped at Tom and Ali’s on the way home to get some Christmas cookies. Big mistake as I ate a bunch on the drive even though I put them in the back seat. My long arms let me easily grab them, ha.

Lori took Jag about 15 minutes ago as she has a 7 am meeting. I’ll take Ty in about an hour. Our little tree now has some ornaments on it but I had to take the star off the top this morning as it was leaning over due to the weight. More snow last night but it’s a light fluffy powder that you can literally blow off the car if you used a leaf blower.

The news just said that water on planes is full of bacteria, wow! I guess they never clean their water tanks. This shouldn’t be a surprise as most everything on a plane is disgusting.

Let’s see, what else. Oh some radio stations want to outlaw the song Baby it’s Cold Outside (I mentioned this the other day and it still has traction!) good God, and a Harvard Professor wants to outlaw french fries as he says more than 6 cause diabetes. Soon you won’t be able to do anything without the government approving it. What a World we now live in, God Bless.

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