2 Roles!

In the upcoming school play Chicago, Ty had not one, but two parts! He’s Harry who is the husband of one of the female leads and a some sort of male dancer as Chicago is a musical. We’re really proud of him for putting himself out there on his own and going for it! Way to go!

Yesterday Lori and I battled the storm to get to Denver for Lori’s hair appointment. I ran to the mall while she was getting dolled up. Then we both went back so she could see some things I found on sale and give them the thumbs up or thumbs down. I have this cashmere cardigan sweater I love and wear a lot and surprise, they’re now on sale at 40% off! I set one aside in blue that Lori can get me for Christmas. This coming week you get triple points at Neiman Marcus and it may not seem like a lot but if you work the program right you can end up with a $500 to $1000 gift card. So we had Chris, our salesman who we’ve known for like 20 years, hold everything until this coming week so we get the points. If you look hard, even at stores like Neiman Marcus, you can find some really good deals on some really nice clothes.

Next up we hit Whole Foods in Cherry Creek as they always have the best fish and food and then headed up the hill. We made it home around 5 or so and both dogs were hungry and ready for a walk. Ty had gone to a movie and Jag, Lori and I watched a movie.

Today we’re getting our tree. We also need to get down to Eagle to the storage unit to get the tree stand and some Christmas stuff. Jag is going to the Birds of Prey World Cup downhill with Emma. The Bronco’s are on at 11 and then we need to get ready for the week. Lori just put a pork roast in the crock pot. Should be good sometime this afternoon. You need to cook it low and slow and then it’ll be really good.

That’s it, time to go, have a great day, 23 days until Christmas, God Bless.

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