Too much sun

Yesterday around noon I headed down to Wailea to meet Alan from my distributor for lunch. We had headed to the pool about 10:45 and I didn’t think we had gotten all that much sun. While getting ready I noticed I was a little red. Oh well, that’s Hawaii. When I made it home I grabbed Lori and the boys to go to Monkey Pod, one of our accounts and favorite places to eat. Funny thing was I was at the Monekey Pod in Wailea for my meeting so it was back to back visits to the same restaurant concept.

We had a nice early dinner and then headed home. That’s when I saw Lori. Now if I was red, she was glowing like the sun red! She burned herself pretty bad from too much sun. She’ll need to stay in the shade today for sure.

Jag is going parasailing today at 10. This is where they hook you up to a parachute and pull you behind a speed boat and you’re a couple hundred feet in the air over the ocean. Should be fun.

Then I’m not sure what we’re doing. We have an invite to go down to Kehei for paddle boarding but we’ll see. Oh I did run in to the girl with the bug on her forehead, the boys and Lori were right, it was a mole. I don’t think she recognized me, ha. Have a great day, God Bless

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