It’s here, Snow! Outside we have a good 6 or 8 inches of the white stuff. It’s a wet snow which means a heavy snow. I had to shovel a walkway to take the dogs out this morning. One car is running now and I need to get back out there and clean it off. Hopefully the roads are not too bad. The boys were hoping for a snow day but those rarely happen up here in the mountains.

I need to get moving as Harley goes to daycare at 7 and then I’ll come back and hopefully the boys will be ready. Then it’s off to Big D. I think we get a break for a few days and then more snow. This is great for the mountain and the State after the drought we had last year. Bring it on.

Yesterday Jag went to lunch with Emma, Ty went to town swimming with friends and I watched another close loss for the Broncos while texting back and forth with Tom. We both hope our coach is fired today. He made some decisions that even a high school coach wouldn’t have made.

Time to get moving, hope you all are well. Lori is home around 2. Take care, be safe and God Bless. And oh, Tom’s tree is not up! He says the weekend before Thanksgiving which seems late, ha. Lucky I didn’t bet him.

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