One more day

One more day until Lori gets home. We always miss here but understand she needs to go see her Mom. Too bad Dixie doesn’t live closer like in Denver or even Eagle as then she and we could see her all the time. Yesterday they went shopping and to the hair salon. Then I think they just hung out for the night. Today they’re going over to cousin Debbie’s house for a visit. Lori will have to leave early in the morning with all the California traffic to make her 10 am flight. I’m heading down to Denver after dropping the boys at school for a few meetings and then will get Lori around 2. Then it’s back home to pick up the boys and Harley.

Doggie Daycare opens tomorrow as they’ve been closed for their annual 3 week Fall vacation. I know Harley will be excited to play with all her friends again! They say big snow this afternoon and tonight here in the mountains. We say bring it on as we’re hoping for a good ski season and the reservoirs are really low. We will always take more moisture.

Did you set your clocks back? Not sure of the science behind it but we supposedly all picked up another hour of sleep. All I know is the suns up earlier and it gets darker earlier. Guess that’s it. The boys were supposed to be working on their Christmas list for Uncle Tom. I know Ty was but both had lots of school work yesterday. I’ll get on them today and make sure they get it done. Wonder if Tom is putting up his tree this weekend? If I had to bet, I’d say it’s already up, ha.

God Bless.

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  1. Tom says:

    You’d lose that bet! Tree goes up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Jag looks like Adam Lambert’s brother

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