Camping and snow

Ty’s in a tent somewhere and the snow is coming down. We said he probably had every stitch of clothing on last night when he went to sleep. Jag thinks his PSAT went well and I picked him up around 3:30. Today he has soccer in Basalt but I think he’s skipping it.

Lori and I went down the hill a few blocks to the benefit for Ski Club Vail last night. We stayed for only a little over an hour but it was fun and we knew a lot of people. I’m supposed to take Harley to training in Denver today but am trying to move it to tomorrow or Saturday when Lori gets her hair done. If Marc our trainer can’t reschedule, I’ll try to get down today.

We’re moving along on our house but are still a year out. We have the plans almost finalized and are in the middle of the review board approval. We’ll know more in a couple weeks. Hope everyone is well, have a good day, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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