Sleet all day long

Yesterday we had a rain snow mix all day long. Everytime you’d get out of the car or step outside, you’d get wet. Turns out Ty and his classmates were in cabins luckily. He had fun but has school today along with his brother.

I’m off to Denver and need to drop the car off to have it checked out. Yesterday it seemed like steam was coming from the radiator but when I popped the hood it looked fine. Hope I make it to the dealer as Harley will be with me as we have training in Castle Rock at 10:15. We’ll drop the car around 8:30 or 8:45 if all goes well.

Tonight we have a thing at some peoples home for a Republican candidate. We’ll go support her and then cut out after an hour to go to dinner with Melanie and Marty. Taxes are due Monday, ugh. Sure wish we would get what we pay for but with the government sadly that never happens.

Time to run, hope all’s well, God Bless.

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