Up early

Yesterday morning Ty and I headed down to Denver to get his outfit for Homecoming. We made it back for the second half of the soccer game where Jag scored a goal for the third game in a row! I told him 3 games in a row is more than luck and that that means he’s really good! By the way, his goal was with his left foot too!

We rushed home to get ready for Homecoming. I took Ty to the 9th grade pre-party and Lori took Jag to meet up with Emma. Lots of parents have kids in both grades so a bunch of us left the 9th grade party early to rush over to the 11th grade soiree. They take class pictures at both and we’ll try to post them tomorrow.

This morning we’re off to Aspen where Jag will meet with representatives from Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, the University of Colorado and others like TCU. Around 2 in the afternoon we’ll rush back to Vail where Jag is part of an admissions event with people from the colleges. That goes until 7 tonight! Lori and Jag go the second event while I’ll be here with the dogs and Ty.

Meanwhile the Broncos and Rockies both play and we need both to win. Yesterday though the Country did win when Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed. Whether you like him or not, it is a win as someone was NOT convicted without evidence which the Dems were trying to do for months. All they had were accusations that no one, even people the accuser said were her friends, were not corroborated. I have no doubt that the lady was probably abused somewhere somehow by someone but don’t think it was by this guy as in this day and age, if it was true, it would seem that someone, anyone, just one person, would have come forward. Thank God a man was not convicted without any proof as that would have sent a terrible precedent in our Country. On top of that it now turns out the accuser has a bunch of holes in her story. Gee what a surprise. Oh and now Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are saying they’ll start another investigation. Man they just can’t accept the fact that they lost the election and insist in tearing the Country apart even further than they already have. Hopefully this will energize the Republicans and others to vote. There are lots of people, rightly so, leaving the democratic party, but these old liberals like Pelosi and Shumer don’t seem to care. The party used to be one of John Kennedy but now is just an anarchist wing of one World government activists like George Soros, yet the people they’re using are too dumb to see it. CNN also admitted (CNN who is as liberal as it gets) that the majority of all the protesters on the confirmation, were bought and paid for, hmmm.

Oh well, the Constitution and rule of law won out. It’s so sad some people can’t accept that.

Have a great day and God Bless.

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