College Fair

We headed out to Aspen around 8:30 and made it to the high school by 10. I dropped Lori and Jag and drove the car back to Buttermilk to park and take a shuttle (school bus) back to the high school. The tents opened at 10:30 and we along with hundreds of our closest friends (tons of kids and parents) dove in. We hit CU, Yale, Baylor, Harvard and others. Baylor stood out as a great school and potentially a good fit as they have the fast track medical program where he can become a doctor in 7 years. We then went to a seminar on Highly Selective Schools which were for schools like Yale and Dartmouth and Duke. That lasted an hour and then we hit a few more booths before heading home. On the way back we stopped at El Korita for lunch.

Once home we had an hour before Lori and Jag headed to VMS to meet with a number of the college admission people from Aspen who drove over for an admission seminar. This was from 5 to 7. Meanwhile I cleaned the house and did a bunch of laundry and watched the Rockies lose after listening on the radio while driving back to the Broncos lose. We need to fire our head coach and defensive coach today, hope Elway has the guts to do what needs to be done.

Looks like a little snow in Denver but not up here. I think it rained last night but we’re dry now. We have a big week (what’s new) with Ty going on a retreat (camping trip) Wednesday and Thursday in Buena Vista and Jag having a soccer game Tuesday and a National Merit Test also on Wednesday at 8am. Lori said how amazing Jagger’s brain is and that the college admission people at their table last night were sitting there with their mouths open at his intellect and skills in assessing potential applicants. He’s just one of those kids, as we all know, that’s extremely smart. Emma’s (his girlfriend) Mom told Lori Emma said Jagger is a really nice boy and really academically driven when she described him. Of course we all know that, ha.

It’s 6;50 so time to get moving. Hope everyone is well. Winter will be here soon, so get ready. Tomorrow is my good friend Harry’s and John Lennon’s birthday! Have a great day, GB.

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