Well we lost both games yesterday, baseball and football. At least with baseball we get a do over tonight at 6 to try to win and move on. In our football game, we should have won. Our coach should be fired today, in fact he should have been fired last year. Let’s see if Elway has any balls.

I feel like I own a taxi service. I drive here and there and everywhere every single day. We end up going to school at least three times a day between the two of us. Throw in a trip to take Harley to daycare and then Lori going to work and we spend more time in the car than not. That’s one of the downsides to living up here as nothing is close. Today I need to go to the distributor and Thursday I have an industry tasting in Denver too. Both boys will be at school until 6 tonight which is when the Rockies game starts.

The World is going nuts. Apparently we’ve all been abused at sometime according to some people on tv who I guess speak for all of us. Hard to believe anyone my age ever grew up. No seat belts, our parents would drink and drive, women were whistled at, men said suggestive things, there were no “safe spaces”, everyone “didn’t” get a trophy, we had no cell phones or Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or internet, our politicians actually worked together and didn’t lie to get what they want, man how did we make it. Too bad we can’t flick a switch and go back to when I was a kid as I’d take my family there in a second. We’re not headed in the right direction and I fear what the World will be in a decade or two for the boys. Time to buy some land somewhere out of the way.

That’s it, time to get moving, Go Rockies, please fire our Coach and God Bless.

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